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Interactions Automation Solutions for Customers,
Employees and Agents

Kore.ai offers pre-trained virtual assistants to automate and streamline the customer journey across voice and digital channels. They can either respond to or deflect complex queries with a high degree of accuracy.


AI-first customer experience platform that automates inbound voice calls and digital interactions to increase containment rates while improving Net Promoter Score (NPS) click here


An intelligent virtual assistant that delivers personalized conversational banking experiences across a wide range of voice and digital channels click here

Provide a modern, efficient and delightful employee experience by personalizing conversations and providing self-serve automation. Kore’s AI-First virtual assistants liberate employees from routine chores so they can focus on the more important tasks.

IT Assist:

A 24×7 virtual assistant to automatically cater to employee’s IT support issues while freeing up support staff to handle higher priority tickets click here

HR Assist:

An AI-powered virtual assistant that automatically interacts and resolves HR queries for employees while enabling HR staff to focus on more productive tasks click here

Reduce agent average handle time (AHT) by providing them with the relevant information, suggestions and fulfillment workflows at the right time. Our agent assistants can integrate with customer service applications to listen to the conversations, identify intents, and recommend appropriate prescriptive actions, automatically.


The AI-first intelligent virtual assistant helps improve agent service quality and organizational efficiency with customer insights and suggests the next best action click here