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New CONNECT Certification

The All−New HydraFacial™ CONNECT Certification is here with a first of its kind aesthetic industry certification. This 3−Level certification program will advance your skills and help you connect with opportunities.

HydraFacial CONNECT Certification will not only build your skin health expertise, it will also develop your influencing, selling and marketing skills, making you more valuable to employers and helping you grow your own business.


Gain respect from your local community. Become an industry expert in skin health, creating client experiences and attracting clients
to your business.


Earn recognition in the industry. Gain skills that make you the MVP of your business.


Get the rewards your deserve. Connect with opportunities that advance your career.


Delivers a skin health expertise that includes a thorough understanding of skin anatomy, competency in the identification of common skin conditions, and knowledge of well-established aesthetic treatment products and procedures. CONNECT PROFESSIONAL’S are proficient at delivering a HydraFacial Experience, and can identify the best treatment protocol based on the clients’ desired outcomes. Additionally, they have demonstrated a foundational knowledge of social media marketing, best practices to attract and retain customers, basic selling skills, and menu development.

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Brings advanced experience in esthetics, as well as demonstrated success in business development and marketing. A CONNECT EXPERT has demonstrated an understanding of combination therapy, introducing and selling both treatments and homecare products, as well as hosting successful events. Building upon the CONNECT PROFESSIONAL certification, the CONNECT EXPERT has demonstrated social media marketing and has the necessary business and sales skills to attract and engage clients and prospects.

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Offers industry and position tenure with a demonstrated track record of success in client acquisition and retention. The CONNECT Master understands business principles including leveraging social media, membership selling, managing investments, leveraging influencers, partnering with local businesses and more. Trained in presentation and facilitation skills, the HydraFacial CONNECT Master is certified as a Guest Trainer for HydraFacial.

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Meet some of our inaugural graduates

Kim Jones-Bell
First HydraFacial CONNECT Certification Master Level Graduate

"My journey this past year through the HydraFacial CONNECT Certification Program has been absolutely incredible. I now feel more confident in promoting and upselling all my facial services. I always knew HydraFacial was an exceptional brand but working hands on with the team during this program opened my eyes to how much more I can grow my business. I feel that this certification program can be extremely helpful for not only estheticians new in the field but also those looking for advanced education on everything HydraFacial."

“CONNECT is a thorough and organized continuing education on skincare, ingredients, and business. It has multiple experts providing their expertise and it requires application to put to practice what you learn.”

“This is everything I wish I would have learned in esthetic school.”