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    Welcome to the H.B. Fuller Academy

    The H.B. Fuller Academy gives you access to our adhesive and sealant experts anytime, anywhere. Their market and application expertise, combined with their advanced knowledge on product features, will help you solve technical issues, train operators, and gain an advanced understand of what’s possible in your industry.

    Our trainings cover a variety of topics in every market and application we serve. Explore the hundreds of trainings and discover what’s possible. Searching for a training that isn’t available? We invite you to tell us what you would like to see.

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    Whether you produce baby diapers, window glass or wood flooring, we have trainings for your market and application.

    Meet Our Experts

    At H.B. Fuller, our expertise is about more than understanding adhesives and sealants. We make it our business to know your industry and processes inside out. We focus on what’s needed and what’s next in consumer and durable goods manufacturing.

    Through the H.B. Fuller Academy, you will meet our experts from around the world who will cover a variety of markets and applications, from e-commerce packaging solutions to insulating glass and more.

    Tania Montesi

    E-Commerce Business Development Manager

    Tania's experience in packaging manufacturing, marketing and innovation spans nearly 20 years. Determined to understand her customers’ challenges and opportunities, she is successful at discovering new market insights and developing solutions that fulfill unmet needs.